Robert McDougall writer / creative director
Credit Canada “Eviction Notice”
This spot brought record seasonal responses for the client, for more than 40 years Canada’s leading credit counselling agency.
Alpine Lager “Supermodels”
An integrated media campaign that boosted monthly visits to Alpine’s Web site from less than a thousand to more than 150,000.
Humpty Dumpty “Flavour”
After years of being under the radar,
the client wanted to engage modish
teenagers. Mission accomplished
in the double digits.
For the Love of Kids “Grow”
A successful PSA addressing the issue
of childhood obesity, with plaudits from
Communications Arts, Cannes and the
New York Festivals.
Parmalat “Sensational”
Sensational Soy was a new product line begging for awareness. Paramalat Canada got just that through a benchmark campaign.
CPA “Streaker”
As the old song lyric says, everything old is new again, including this novel angle on streaking that celebrates wheelchair mobility.
Moose Light Beer “Enjoy your nature”
In a market category rife with parity,
a good plan is to create added value
through the creative. The product lead
the light beer category in growth.
Canadian Cancer Society “David”
Research said CCS’s size was a liability. This spot makes it an asset. Seeing the rough cut, Leonard Cohen signed on as CCS’s radio voice.
CPC “Sweater Vest Campaign”
These ads helped to restore Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada to power. The spots became part of the popular culture.
UARR “Policeman”
This PSA took on a life of its own, making news on global networks, capturing millions worth of airtime and winning top awards.
Spumanti Bambino “Bubbles”
Like Moose Light, parity in the product
category presented problems. So again,
the creative offered added value through a humorous approach.
Aurora Importers “The Boot”
The strategy here couldn’t be simpler. Illustrate the fact that Aurora imports Sicilian products. Gold and silver awards quickly followed.
Entres Lacs “Occasion”
The challenge was to position Entres
Lacs as an “everyday” wine. These
animated fifteens found success through New Yorker-style humor.
Speedy Muffler King “Bernie”
This ad produced record seasonal sales
for Speedy. Canada's media pundits
warmed to Tom Cavanagh's character,
nominating him for Prime Minister.
Scotiabank “History”
Supers came to the rescue for this successful “small business” campaign. Scotiabank provided only $50,000 for production.
Canadian Club “Resonance”
With a $50,000 budget, these simple fifteens were created almost as an aside. After success in Canada, the U.S. market picked them up.
UARR “Ambulance”
Another award-winning PSA for UARR, which over the years was deeply indebted to advertising for both awareness and funding.
Alpine Lager “New York, New York”
Alpine wished to raise its status among
simple folk in Eastern Canada. This spot
hit the mark. Excuse client mandatories
involving trucks and logos.

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